Joe Manchin constantly shields the filibuster. He uses history and the founding fathers to defend it. But he gets this crucial story wrong.
For today's Right, liberty is less about individual freedom than it is about fighting Democrats every chance they get. Our politics suffers because of …
The Republican Party has seen a radical turn against democracy. We are fast approaching the point of irreconcilability. We need reforms now.
To make America a free and fair democracy, we have to get rid of the filibuster. Joe Manchin can protect democracy or the filibuster. He can’t do both.
Republicans may very well win back the House. But explanations for how they'll win lack a key point: American institutions skew to the right.
Liz Cheney and moderate Republicans want to purge Trump from the GOP. "Just persevering" won't be enough. Its time for some far-reaching options.
Joe Biden is proposing some of the largest investments in America's future since LBJ and FDR. His plans would transform America for the better.
Washington residents pay taxes, fight in our wars and voted for DC statehood. It has long odds, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be done.
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